Fly fishing Guide Service in Italian Alps (guiding)

Servizio Guida pesca mosca nelle acque Italiane: Trote, Temoli, Lucci, Bass, Cheppie e Pesca a mosca in mare. Fly fishing Guide Service (guiding) in Italian Freshwater and Saltwater: Trouts, Grayning, Pike, Bass, twait shad.

Our store is in the heart of the Italian Alps and is located near the best rivers for fly fishing in Northern Italy. Just 50 km from Milan, Alps has access to the best freshwater and private waters of the Alps. The fishing guide service is offered on the River Sesia and stream Mastallone, on the river Serio and Brembo River, on the river Adda and in Valtellina, on the rivers of Trentino Alto Adige, on the Brenta and Cismon rivers, on the Adige river and on the Avisio river, on the Piave river and on the Cordevole torrent. The proximity to the main airports allows you to provide the Guiding service directly withdrawing customers on their arrival and organizing a small stop directly in the store to obtain the best flies for the Italian waters and flies. Then we leave for the chosen destination accompanied by our best guides. For those interested it is possible to rent all the fishing equipment directly in the shop.